About us

Welcome to Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs, your premier destination for intricately crafted, handmade carpets and rugs. The brand embodies a historically rich legacy of craftsmanship that traces its roots back to ancient Persia. Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs is founded by six renowned and experienced personalities, not only in the carpets and rugs segment, but also in the exports, real estate, education, architectural & civil engineering, and more. 

Our Story

Started in 2021, Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs is on a mission to dispel the long-lived myth that carpets are cumbersome to maintain. This may have been true in the past, but not anymore. With the rapid technological advancements over the years, handling and maintenance of carpets has become a swift task. 

Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs strives to showcase that quality carpets and rugs are not just the business of the affluent. They are made for every home. Equal emphasis is given to both traditional and contemporary designs, catering to varied settings and clientele. 

Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs is making a dedicated attempt to bring the disappearing handicraft industry back to life through a wide range of exquisite creations. Where every thread tells a story of artistry and craftsmanship.  

Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs swears to cater to the diverse needs of everyone who’s on the hunt for uniqueness that’s cost-effective. With enormous and distinct materials such as Jute, Sisal, Hemp, Sea Grass, Cotton, Wool, Viscose, Bamboo Silk, Pure Silk, Leather and Linen carpets, the collection at Mirzapur Kaleen and Rugs is wide and vibrant. All this, along with the choice for personalized carpets that’s high on customization and innovation.